GRILLED CHICKEN & SAUTEED BROCCOLI this low-carb/low-fat special is prepared with a white wine garlic sauce and served with a smile@! Weekly Special Price $9.99
TERIYAKI GRILLED SALMON STIR FRY fresh Salmon fillet grilled and glazed with a Asian fusion glaze....and served over Kale Salad Weekly Special Price $11.99
SANTA FE COBB SALAD spicy grilled chicken, avocado, egg, bacon and shredded cheddar over a bed of let, tom & cukes!! Price $12.99
TURKEY REUBEN fresh carved turkey on grilled rye with swiss,homemade cole slaw, and topped with russian dressing Weekly Special Price $8.99
FOUR CHEESE BAKED ZITI a medley of cheeses, blended with our homemade marinara and garlic bread Price $9.99
CARVED TURKEY served with mashed potatoes, fresh string beans and topped with gravy Price $$10.99
SMOTHERED CHICKEN BURRITO tender chicken in a flour tortilla smothered w/ homemade red chile and melted cheddar Price $9.99
TOM TURKEY BURGER w/ SWISS low-fat, huge 8 oz. turkey burger topped with sauteed mushrooms and onions, served over mixed greens, homemade low-fat yogurt dill sauce on the side Weekly Special Price $8.99