CHOPPED HILLARY SALAD W/GORGONZOLA grilled chicken & grilled veggies chopped with a mixed garden medley and topped with crumbled gorgonzola Price $9.99
CRUSHED EAST WILLY grilled chicken and grilled veggies with part-skim mozzarella crushed in a whole whaet wrap Weekly Special Price $7.99
GRILLED CHICKEN & SAUTEED BROCCOLI this low-carb/low-fat special is prepared with a white wine garlic sauce and served with a smile@! Weekly Special Price $9.99
BLACKENED TILAPIA fresh Tilapia Fillet seasoned with zesty spices from the Bayou and served over homemade rice pilaf Weekly Special Price $9.99
TERIYAKI GRILLED SALMON fresh Salmon fillet grilled and glazed with a Asian fusion glaze....and served over rice pilaf or Kale Salad Weekly Special Price $10.99
CHUCKY'S CHOICE W/ PART-SKIM MOZZ grilled chicken & grilled veggies topped with part-skim mozz served in a platter Price $8.99
GRILLED VEGGIE MELT PANINI A variety of fresh grilled veggies and part-skim mozzarella pressed on the grill in fresh Panini bread Price $7.99
HOMEMADE SPINACH BURGER OVER GREEK SALAD our tasty Spinach Burger prepared from scratch and served over a crisp Greek Salad Price $9.99
CHICKEN & BLACK BEAN BURRITO tender saffron chicken pulled and mixed with seasoned rice & black bean sauce in a tortilla w/ cheddar Price $8.99