CHOPPED HILLARY SALAD W/GORGONZOLA grilled chicken & grilled veggies chopped with a mixed garden medley and topped with crumbled gorgonzola Price $9.99
SANTA FE WRAP southwestern chicken with avacado,habanero jack cheese let,tom,in a low-fat wrap served with a side of low-fat yogurt dill Price $8.99
THANXGIVING WRAP carved turkey, homemade stuffing and cranberry sauce all in a tasty wrap!! All thats missing is the football, and the drunk uncle babbling about politics!! Price $8.49
BAKED POTATO STUFFED W/ GRILLED VEGGIES/MOZZ low-fat grilled veggies and part-skim mozzarella top an oven freh baked potato! Weekly Special Price $6.99
TERIYAKI GRILLED SALMON STIR FRY fresh Salmon fillet grilled and glazed with a Asian fusion glaze....and served over Kale Salad Weekly Special Price $11.99
ARROZ CON POLLO seasoned yellow rice prepared with beans and topped with pulled roasted chicken and a side of fried plantains Price $8.99
CRUSHED CAULIFLOWER BURGER served over Garden Salad Price $9.99
BAKED GLAZED BALSMIC CHICKEN CUTLET served with sauteed broccoli Price $9.99
GREEK TURKEY BURGER served over greens and topped wiith spinach & feta Price $8.99