TURKEY HUNTINGTON fresh carved turkey breast on a toasted garlic bread hero with melted mozzarella Weekly Special Price $7.99
MODENA SALAD W/MOZZ baked balsamic chicken, roasted peps, portabello mush, over garden greens, and topped with shredded mozz cheese Weekly Special Price $9.99
CRUSHED EAST WILLY grilled chicken and grilled veggies with part-skim mozzarella crushed in a whole whaet wrap Weekly Special Price $7.99
BBQ PULLED PORK slow cooked tender pulled pork topped with homemade BBQ sauce and served over choice of rice or Mac & Cheese Weekly Special Price $8.99
TERIYAKI GRILLED SALMON STIR FRY fresh Salmon fillet grilled and glazed with a Asian fusion glaze....and served w/stir fry veggies & rice Weekly Special Price $10.99
POWER LUNCH oven baked sweet potato with sliced grilled chicken and a 12oz green drink Price $8.99
ARROZ CON POLLO seasoned yellow rice prepared with beans and topped with pulled roasted chicken and a side of fried plantains Price $8.99
HOMEMADE SPINACH BURGER OVER GREEK SALAD our tasty Spinach Burger prepared from scratch and served over a crisp Greek Salad Price $9.99
SHIITAKE MUSHROOM BURGER Homemade Shiitake mushroom burger over grilled veggies Price $9.99
BAKED MACARONI AND CHEESE macaroni & cheese done right!!! Weekly Special Price $6.99